Why dont DC Souvenir shops come up with souvenir shirts that are a little more creative?? Maybe make you use your brain a little more than usual… or are just a little funny? All we ever see is I LOVE DC. I LOVE NY. I LOVE DC. I LOVE DC. I LOVE NY. Well one of these cities is bound to get jealous of the other one… so thats why I came up with these cool shirts.

Personally, I love it when my man friends where the “my boyfriend” with George Washington on it—or even better….—“My BABY DADDY” with Thomas Jefferson on it. Its just so cute!

So if you could date a president, which one would you date? Most women tell me Kennedy—-well he was a heart throb wasn’t he. Thomas Jefferson was quite a versatile dude….Do you get it? Its a funny joke! Read up a little about Thomas Jefferson… and you’ll think its funny too. A lot of times, people ask us where they can buy the shirts. Usually we would gift them to you with a larger purchase and trivia question correctivity… but you can buy the shirts as well. Each shirt is $25.

Correctivity is not a word. Please don’t get confused. We have George Washington shirts, Lincoln Shirts, and Thomas Jefferson. Each one is a little different. They could be your baby daddy, they could be your boyfriend. You can also ask us to customize the shirts to your liking—perhaps your favorite president—-and something clever to say about him. Not everybody has to understand it. Thats whats cool about having a brain and using it.


Steps to get a shirt—- sent to your home address (takes one week)

ONLINE payment— 45.00—gets you two shirts

Name on Reservation

TEXT us 202-656-3593 —name, address you want 2 shirts sent to, color (neon yellow, blue, pink, white, black) 3–size (kids s,m,l, woman s,m,l or MALE small, medium, large, x large)

1) pay paypal 45.00— this gets you 2 shirts—sent to your home address. It says its for a rickshaw reservation—but disregard that. It will take a week to get to you—or if you are in a hurry–you can come pick it up from our dc office.


STEPS TO order a shirt and pay in person, or pick up in dc within 24 hours

(if you don’t want your shirt sent to your house, and you want to pick it up in dc…..
buy a shirt and pick it up from union station—give us 24 hours advance notice please)
1. text 202-656-3593
2. say which color you want white, black, neon pink, yellow, green, purple blue, gray and what size.
pay in person cash, or with credit card—well call you back within the hour and you can sport that shit like WASSSUP —TJ MA BABY DADDY



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