U street Cardozo Scavenger Hunt

The 9th grade students at Watkins Mill High School participated in the wonderful interactive experience of having to complete a scavenger hunt on the historic U Street corridor in Washington, DC.  Students had the opportunity to learn many facts about African American artists from the past and present, as they used disposable cameras to capture murals, African-American owned businesses, and historical facts printed on large posters.  Here is the list of tasks that had to be completed by each group:
·      Find and take pictures of the3 of the 14 poster sized, illustrated signs that have storytelling’s and historical images. Write down a fact for each of them.
·      Find 3 murals and take pictures of them including graffiti.
·      Take a crazy/silly face picture in front of a statue
·      Find the firehouse and take a picture with a fireman.
·      Go to Busboys and Poets and write down the facts behind why and how it was started
·      Take a picture of your groups shadow
·      What restaurant is named after a famous soul singer that was popular during the 1960’s and 70’s. *hint he was born on April 2, 1939. Take a picture in front of it.
·      What is the name of the Black owned bakery and it’s owner? Take a picture in front of it.
·      Using the store fronts write  a haiku about U st.
·      Take a picture with a group of tourists.


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