Tourists in DC say the Darndest Things to Pedicabbers!!! OUR favorite quotes we hear every day—–

Hey–don’t get offended… we are just having a little fun….


What Tourists say What we are thinking
“Don’t you get tired?” We are all basically energizer bunny rabbits. We keep going and going and going. We have the stamina of Micheal Felpz in the olympics, the photographic memory of Benjamin Banneker when he redesigned Pierre Lenfent’s map of Washington DC’s streets, the expert opinion of all yelp users for every restaurant and public establishment you search for in that iphone of yours, and the knowledge of that fat tour book you bought on your way here at the airport…. We don’t get tired. Our bodies have been conditioned over time for such work and we love every minute of it.
“I guess you don’t need a gym membership” I belong to three gyms. I do zumba and I swim 120 lps 3 times a week. I need a gym membership. My boyfriend thinks I’m fat… and he wants me to get rid of my belly—biking doesn’t help
“I thought that was the white house!” No  smartzilla— that’s the Capitol. Yes they are both white.
“Oh well 20 dollars is more than a taxi” No kidding. I am not a taxi. Do you see my legs? They are the source of energy that this bike uses to transport your ignorant ass across the Washington Mall. Which one do  you think is going to be more expensive? BROKE BIA BIA
“Is that hard?” Only when we’re taking a full load up a steap hill. Everything else is smooth sailing.
“Can I ride your bike and you sit in the back” Absolutely not. How about this…. I am going to make a deal with you. If you want…we can stop right now… If you can ride my bike without losing control—I will give you this tour for free— BUT. There’s a kicker. If you lose control and hit the curb—and cannot handle your handle bars— you will pay me double. I guarantee you 100 percent that you will lose control and crash—but if you are confident and want to go through with this bet—I am game. (This really happeed)
“HEY can you take me to BWI??? Chuckle chuckle chuckle chuckle… since it’s far… they think its funny. They also say “airport” or “reagen” or “Arlington”  and expect us to say no…. Uh. HEY DUMMY. I took someone to Arlington a few times…. Its not so far fetched. I know Alex L took people to reagen just the other day. Stop saying stupid stuff. We don’t think it’s funny
“Why do you do this?” know that everyone has their reasons. Everybody has a different reason whether it be …. To make fast money, to enjoy the weather, because if they continued their office job—they would commit suicide……. Or…….to have flexibility, to do what I want, to travel during the year and work for a couple of months, or to be able to finance their theater career—we are all different. Some do it to lose weight, to get in shape, to get through college, to get healthy, to find an alternative to going out clubbing and getting wasted—- to get paid to exercise, or because gym memberships are too expensive in dc. Some do it simply because they graduated from Corcoran with 3 art degrees and are very liberal artsy fartsy and prefer to make money this way—- Some just do it simply to live like a rock star. Most of us graduated from a four year university—we are educated—we know more about the city than most, we know whats going on, where to go, what is good—and we love sharing it with you.


21 Responses to “Tourists in DC say the Darndest Things to Pedicabbers!!! OUR favorite quotes we hear every day—–”
  1. Kostas says:

    You also forgot: “So, where’s the National Mall? *I point to the huge grassy lawn* “Oh, I thought it would be an actual Mall with stores n’ stuff…”

    What we’re thinking: “AAAAAHHH!!! Shoot me now!!! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!!!”

    Ride safe Shaady!

  2. DiscoverDC says:

    oh yeah i also forgot…”hey I want you to take me to the smithsonian.”

    “well which one” ….
    “The smithsonian. the museum”
    “welll we have 19. 10 of them are on the mall”…..

    “well where is the mall.”
    “your standing on it buddy”
    “where the museum” …..theyre all around you.

    There is not one smithsonian museum. There are many….
    well i want to go to the one with espionage and spy stuff..

    oh… “thats not one of the smithsonian museums… ha ha”

  3. Alex Lesiak says:

    Also remember this we are Pedi-Cab Athletes and Pedi-Cab Professionals
    never sell yourself short we provide a valuable , interesting and entertaining
    service to everyone who uses it from local Washsontonians ,and from folks
    around the Country and around The World !!! Call it your Pedi-Cab
    experience , but most importantlly call it There Pedi-Cab Experience!!!!

  4. micale jack says:

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  5. DiscoverDC says:

    yes. broke bass bigger means big moniless phish. for those of you who were wondering….

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    • Janette says:

      funtastic! i love this post!

      • Lynette says:

        fabolicious! this is just hilarious—Shaady—I hope you will be our guide for our tour on Thursday!!!! Do we do something in order to request you??? The word on the street is that you have your “worker–bees” do most of your tours! We would be honored to have the famous “SHAADY” who everyone has written such wonderful yelp reviews about! Please?!

  7. Sabine says:

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