5. Rock Creek Trail— 20 miles I’d say—this one is especially my pic on the weekends because the DC area becomes closed off to cars, and its just you and the road baby! I like to start this one off in Maryland and end in DC. It is more of an uphill slant I’d say… and you pass the Zoo (check out the pandas) and the ZOO LIGHYS in the winter!

4. Custis Trail—4 miles—A nice trail from Shreve Road where the Long John Silvers is in Falls Church by the West Falls Church Metro Station is where I would take it. This is an pretty good nicely paved ride into Rossyln and then over the Key Bridge into Georgetown. You can take this one into the Mount Vernon trail too.

3. Capital Crescent Trail—13 miles—some paved—some crushed stone. Theres a nice stop in Bethesda (Elm Street & Woodmont street) where I like to take a nice brake, read at Barnes and Nobles, get a scrumbdiddleuptous bar from Hagendaz, check out the local festivities going on at the Barking Dog or on the streets. This is a pretty popular and populated not to mention poopulated paved path. By that I mean lots of beautiful potomac people, children skipping, jumping, men and women jogging, roller blading, walking, strutting, dogs walking (and pooping)… Highly recommended for riding and people watching at the same time!

2. C & O Canal Towpath— 184 miles–177 locks! They used to transport torpedoes in these canals! YOWZAAAA! It runs from Georgetown where ‘Jack’s Boat House’ is… allllllll the way to Cumberland! It is naturally, has some billy goats here and there. Something cool to do is to get a group of your friends, and go on a 75 mile bike trail to Harpers Ferry (should take about a day). Go camp out there for a fort night… and then head back to DC. It is awesome. It runs along the Potomac River for quite a bit of it and its as beautiful. It all relatively flat. The ride towards Cumberland has a slight slope upward so going back into the citys easy as pie. Lots of scenic views. I take this path from DC to the Piney Meeting House Road area to head into Gaithersburg about once a week. Try it out!

1. Mount Vernon Trail—18 miles— This was a close call to the Capital Crescent… Although I take Capital Crescent more often… I like this one the most. I take new commers on this trail to show them the Washington Monument, Roosevelt Island, the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetary and they have to bring an extra pair of socks if you know what i mean!!! This is a special trail for special people like you and me….and our greatest founding father—GIVE IT UP FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!!! It goes along the potomac river to Washington’s estate in Mount Vernon. The route is as scenic as can be. Great romantic date idea! Guys… wanna do something different? Grab a basket of picnic goodies—and take your sweetheart on this trail. Stop half way through at Gravely Point and watch the Air Planes take off—at night or in the day time! There is an overpass by Reagen National Airport and also a scenic secret tunnel that goes to really awesome historical painting on the wall telling stories of the past near Old Town Alexandria.



  1. Jon says:

    Great trails… I was just in Rock Creek today. My wife and I are planning to do the C and O Canal towpath over three days. Wish us luck!

  2. Jon K says:

    All great picks. My dog rite of the five would probably be the capital crescent.. If I had to pick another I would reccomend the Sligo Creek path, it is quiet and a nice change of pace.

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