5. TABAQ Bistro —so URBAN…. and beautiful in rain or shine! tres tres chic. On Sundays, there is this pretty cool rooftop terrace party that I have gone to a couple of times. If you like house, minimal house,  or progressive house–Sunday is your day to party there. The view from the top of the establishment – which, I might add, is enclosed and very inviting – is something to behold. 1336 U street NW DC

4. Perry’s … It is American Cuisine, with a touch of Asian. Great place to bring a date on a good night. THe rooftop is fabulous.1811 Columbia Road NW, DC  – (202) 234-6218

3. Local 16 nice crowd, u street, next to a lot of nice places to go to….food is alright. 1620 U Street NW Washington, DC 20009 Between U St, 16th Street & New Hampshire Ave

2. Donovan House-–My Favorite. Cute Small pool that nobody in their right mind would actually go in…. unless you were a complete drunk fool or a total show off…. 1155 14TH STREET, N.W.WASHINGTON, D.C. 20005

1. -The W Hotel (on Pennsylvania Ave and 15th street NW) Go up here w/kids before 3pm. After that, they ask for ID. The rooftop deck of the W Hotel is in my opinnion the best view in Washington DC of its most spectacular sites. Have Sunday Brunch, evening drinks, or appetizers here. I must warn you, it is pretty SHE SHE WHO WHO (classy, nice, no sloppy homeless wear please), so don’t be to casual after 6pm if you plan on fitting in.

Have you ever wondered why you can see all of DC from the top level of most buildings? Its simple. There are laws against sky scrappers being built in DC after 1910. In 1910, Congress made it illegal to have any building taller than 2 times plus 20 meters the building directly in front of it. Yes, there are some buildings that do not comply with these rules. The Cairo for example (a private residence on 16th st and R st NW) is taller than 12 stories. This is because it was built before 1910. sssssnnnnnnnnnn-eeeeeeeeeeaky!!!

Check out these places for a great view for the Tourist:

Hey tourist, if you don’t get to go up and see inside the Washington Monument (14th and Constitution NW), don’t sweat it. Since the earthquake this past month, it’s been closed and still is. There are plenty of other great places that you can enjoy a panoramic view. side note: if you are planning on going to the Monument, stand in line by 7:30 AM to get same day tickets…. and that is only when it opens up again. So keep your panties on ladies, I have no idea when that will be!

-Old Post Office
 (on 12th street and Pennsylvania NW) Federal Triangle Metro Station
Go up the free elevator. The last elevator goes up at 5:45. Take some pictures. Send em to me! Not far from here is the W hotel…
For the Tourist or the Local, young, or old


6 Responses to “TOP 5 ROOFTOP VIEWS IN DC”
  1. DestinationDC says:

    ooo la la… TABAQ is MY FAVORITE

  2. Bikar says:

    i love the donovan view personally….. love that circle.

  3. newsha talebi says:

    Lets go to the W Friday night. That place is the SHE .

  4. iman says:

    nice choices. I agree. Perry’s is iffy.

  5. Mandy says:

    Wow, this was very helpful! Whoever wrote it- my family and I went to the W for Sunday brunch because we read about it on here- via the destination dc tour business card our Concierge gave us— your tours look fabulous. Is it destination dc or discover dc??!! Also– we are going up to the Old Post Office later on today—great info! Also, we want to take a tour tonight so we will give you a call, or make a reservation through the net.

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