Washington Monument still stands tall behind a fellow pedicaber

The Washington Monument After our Earth Quake August 23, 2011

Today, during the earthquake, a couple who I spoke with were at the top of the Washington Monument! “We thought we were under attack! Thank the lord we weren’t in the elevator! We were advised to walk down the 896 stairs and boy did that take a long time!”

Today at 1:51, the earthquake caused some of the caulking in the Washington Monument to fall inside the monument’s observation area. Shortly after the crack appeared on the west side of the monument, a helicopter circled the monument in order to spot any other damages done to the structure. An engineering firm will conduct a more thorough damage assessment in the coming days. For now and indefinitely, the Washington Monument is closed. All the way at the top of the Washington Monument (which stands 555 5 1/8 inches), on the west side, a crack about 1 foot in height appears very close to the furthest window on the right. Can you see it?

Interesting facts about the Washington Monument:

-There is no actual mortar that is used to keep the 36,801 granite blocks together.
-There is caulking however, that is used for weathering purposes.
-There is a change in color 1/3rd of the way of from the base of the Monument
-The change in color is due to the lack of resources and funding to continue the building during the civil war….for 25 years, there was no work done on the monument.
-Contrary to popular belief, the material on the top and the bottom of the monument is from the same query. The change in color is ultimately due to the aging of the stone.
-In high winds, the monument is designed to be able to shift ¼inch in any direction.

Friends, this crack has been a devastating effect of the Washington Monument, and for how much longer it will be closed,…. Sadly, I do not know. But, in time, I will alert you personally as I keep hourly updates of my favorite monument!

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