Today, there was a space ship whirling around the Washington Monument. interesting. now… if the world was taken over by giants, those giants would be playing JENGA with the Washington Monument. Isnt that cute? think about it friends. ok love, Shaady Washington Monument still stands tall behind a fellow pedicaber  Read More

Bens Chili Bowl

If you haven’t gone to Ben’s Chili Bowl et—go there at least once…. If you are a local— you go here for drunk food. If you are a tourist— you go here cuz Obama says its the ish….. Bill Cosby is a fan—- I give it aA 5 out of 5…., purely on the atmosphere alone (music, deocrations, crowd). Probably a 3 for food, and a 1 for cleanliness. Insider’s Note: Only 2 people eat for free here, Bill... Read More