click on THIS LINK to see KENDRA in a VIDEO pedicabbing in vietnam!

Pedicabbers epitomize diversity. We’re really a motley crew. Our love for bikes and the open road (err…bike lanes) connect us from all corners of the globe. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo of me and my friend Go, a pedicabber in Hanoi, Vietnam. We’re really not all that different. In fact, in addition to our profession of choice, here are just a few things we have in common:

1. We both look great in red

2. We both have more good hair days than bad

3. We both work on holidays (this photo was taken on New Year’s Day)

4. We both enjoy a nice hot pot of pho

5. We both love our customers.


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  1. DiscoverDC says:

    ghoban besham!

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