You’ve seen the White House, The Lincoln Memorial and a bunch of kids wearing leashes on the mall. Now it’s time to do something not boring! This is my guide to a great day in the National’s Capitol without acting like a total fanny-pack wearing tourist.

The National Portrait Gallery: 750 9th St, NW or National GEOGRAPHIC Museum
I’m not big on art museums, maybe due to a traumatic art tour of Italy as a young man. (When you’ve seen one painting of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary, you’ve seen them all…) The exhibit I most often visit is the permanent “America’s Presidents” which is literally portraits of every president. Be sure to check out the one of Nixon by Norman Rockwell.

The Newseum: 555 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
The Newseum is the coolest non-Smithsonian museum out there. It was so awesome when it was located in Roslyn, Virginia they closed it and moved it to DC. They have exhibits on Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, huge portions of the Berlin Wall, The Unibomber’s log cabin and many other great sites. Walk along the top balcony and you’ll see the amazing history of Pennsylvania Avenue which has always been a central player in DC history. Definitely worth the bucks

The Albert Einstein Memorial: 2101 Constitution Ave, NW
A mathematical pimp and hair enthusiast, Albert Einstein sits in the shadows of the Lincoln memorial willing to entertain anyone who dares cross the street. The ground is a celestial map of the sky and if you stand in the center, you get a single person echo when you talk to him.

Dinner at…
Founding Farmers: 1924 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Founding Farmers is actually owned by American Farmers. Having eaten there is one of the best dining experiences I can recommend. The food is top-notch and everything is made fresh in-house. Leave the McDonald’s and the overpriced hot-dogs to the not informed tourist types and have yourself an incredible meal! Check it out here –


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