I MUST SHARE WITH YOU—-this is my favorite email I ever got—so far. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if people actually read my silly blog stories—or if it is just me simply entertaining myself. But!!! BUT! It is emails like this that keep me going.


I am the mom of the 4 blondies that recited all the presidents on our
pedicab ride. For several of them, they said your ride was the
favorite part of their day. And they still remember many of the trivia
facts you taught them! (My 4 year-old loves telling about the crack in
the Washington Monument and the 555 stairs people had to race down –
yes, he got confused about the height and the earthquake story, but
it’s so cute, we just leave it.) All that to say, you have a great
ride and a great company!

Anyway – I checked out your website when we got home and couldn’t find
our pic and video you said would be here. THEN I saw your blog about
your phone being stolen. INFURIATING!!!!! I’m also trying to picture
the faces of the 2 women on the back of your bike as you go tearing
off after the thief. 🙂

So… I hate to seem insensitive, but have to ask for my kids – did
your perchance upload our pix or video somewhere and still have it? Or
are some thugs hearing the presidents’ names for the first time in
their lives? 🙂


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