Particularly for quick & good deals, casual ambiance, and good food (in no particular order):

1) Chinatown Express (746 6th St NW) – there’s a cook with a chef’s hat standing in the window making homemade noodles & dumplings. i always get the BBQ pork noodle soup. $6.50 gets you noodle + meat or veggie soup & hot tea or bottled water AND awesome embellishments, including the crazy green mystery condiment.

2) D.C. Food trucks (parked on various streets of D.C.) – food trucks have taken off in the District as the sought after meal, and are often a good deal. follow them on Twitter and Facebook or ask a pedicabber perhaps … where one might be parked on any given day. they are especially easy to find in the Northwest quadrant during the weekday lunch rush. sample all kinds of cuisines in all kinds of forms. i am partial to the Fojol Brothers of Merlindia & Benethiopia who travel in flashy costume around the city in their magical rolling music-blasting buses. they’re serving tasty, spicy or not (Indian & Ethiopian) fare … coming soon to a curb near you. check out a Twittery feed of trucks here: and try Googling “DC food trucks” to see what is going on.

3) California Tortilla (728 7th St NW) – for when you want Cali-Mex that originated in Bethesda, MD. no seriously, they have great friendly service & offer specials. i’ve been taking advantage of their movie ticket deal all summer. mmm… carnitas. oh pork! spend $7.50 pre-tax on food, and you can buy a Regal movie ticket for $6.50. the theater at Chinatown-Gallery Place is right across the street & their tickets usually go for $11.

4) Taqueria Nacional (400 N Capitol St NW) – for when you want authentic Mexican tacos & fresca fruit juices, amigos. it’s a popular little taqueria serving breakfast & lunch & is close to Union Station.

5) Five Guys Burgers and Fries (808 H St NW, 1100 New Jersey Ave. SE & more locations) – yum yum. famous for their juicy fried griddle burgers with crazy amounts of free toppings. but i rave about their fries because they are most excellent. i douse them with Cajun or Old Bay seasoning & malt vinegar & then shake them up in a paper bag. if i’m not able to eat them all in one sitting, i throw them in my cab & they are actually still good hours later. please tell me what other fries are good cold.

6) Urfa Tomato Kebab (740 6th St NW) – oh man, they have good falafel. & great doner kebab combos (that is lamb & beef meat w/spices, not human meat) stuffed in homemade pita bread. with fries or chips & a drink, it’s only $7.27. that is a steal in D.C.

7) Ruby Tuesday (712 7th St NW) – it’s way better than you remember. that all-you-can eat salad bar is essential when you have a pedicabber’s appetite.

8) Justin’s Cafe (1025 First St SE) – i split pizza w/other pedicabbers at this pizza/salad/sandwich joint when i am pedicabbing the National’s baseball games. they have cool weird brick oven pizzas like the Pickney, with candied figs and prosciutto. also check out their micro brews on draft & in cans, along with a full bar.

9) Capital Q (707 H St NW) – a bbq joint in Chinatown that serves delicious Texas-style bbq. Yelpers give it mixed reviews, but after eatin’ all kinds of bbq across the U.S., i find Texas bbq to be an outstanding mastery of smokin’, juicy, spicy goodness & this spot is in fact smokin’. several meats & sides to choose from.

10) Harry’s Restaurant (436 11th St NW) – they have outdoor sidewalk seating! & they give 10% off discounts to both pedicabbers & passengers. plus, their pitchers of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA are a dang good deal (for D.C.).

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