If you would like to advertise on our pedicabs please call 202 656 3593 or email
info@discoverdctours.com. We will send you our case studies and our media kit.




Have you ever ridden in a pedicab?
Well you should try it, its truly fab!
Are you the person that is in charge?
Of making advertising decisions at large?
Lody, Dody, my name is Shaady—-
You need to advertise with us—so eve r ree bod dee

Will see your brand in a new light—- whata sight, in the day, and the night!
Do I have your attention now? Good.

bike-advertisingPanel Ads
Panel Ads are frequently vinyl panels with adhesive that we apply to the sides and rear of the pedicabs. We also can mount thin, laminated foamcore panels with velcro or rivets. While dimensions may vary, frequently the rear panels are 20″ tall by 30″ wide, and the sides are 10″ tall by 19 inches wide.
ads-on-wheelsWrap Ads
Wrap Ads cover the sides and rear and sometimes the entire cab body with a tightly fitted vinyl wrapping, color-matched to your specific color. This type of ad creates a significant presence on the street, a rolling billboard carrying your brand or logo. In addition, the vinyl wrap is very sturdy and stands up to rain, sun and wear and tear.
rickshaw-advertiseLightbox Ads
Lightbox Ads are carried on the rear of the cabs. While dimensions of the light box may vary, in general they are approximately 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide, powered by a 12 volt dc battery source carried on board the cab. Artwork is sandwiched between two plexiglass panels. Lightbox ads are custom.pedicab-advertising-adsCanopy Ads
Canopy Ads use fabric printing to incorporate your brand message into a very functional part of the pedicab, the canopy. It often serves as a colorful accent on the pedicab body, which is often wrapped in a complementary color scheme.