Today, I had the pleasure of meeting the “Four Grandmothers from Montana”.

The first thing they said when I picked them up from the new Martin Luther King Memorial was, “Guess what we did yesterday?” Knowing that the MLK Memorial had opened only a few days before, I my most educated guess was “You went to the Martin Luther King Memorial!!!”

With a smiling, excited faces, four fine women responded in unison….” WE GOT ARRESteD!!!”

Hear there story!!!
“We are proud to be arrested for a very good cause. I still have my jail wrist band that they put on me to process.
We came to be part of an ongoing protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline with the hideous, bitchumen, ferocious, thick, acidic, oil from Alberta. It has already destroyed 1/3 of Alberta and their indigenous people. This is an incredibly important issue. Now they want to build a pipeline from ALberta down through Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, all the way to Texas. We had with us a wonderful Canadian activist who is free and who village was decimated by these oil companies that will do anything for a short term profit. Basically what were here to say is that we all worked to get Obama elected…It’s time Obama do fulfill one of your campaign promises— one of those was to protect the environment, and do something about Global Warming! This time Obama has no excuse, theres no republican black male-ing him, there’s no Congress refusing to pass it, it’s an international agreement, and therefore its entirely up to him whether this pipeline goes through or not. If it does, its an environmental catastrophe just waiting to happen. If it doesn’t then he’s preserving part of the planet for his children, my children, and my grandchildren. This is Margo Kidder. HI!”
Sitting in on the White House every day for two weeks is what these tenacious women are doing to stand up for what we believe and I found them to be admirable, inspiring, and well worth my time to write about.

Please Take a look at this site!!!
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