My favorite pool in Washington DC… is DAN DAN DAN

The Washington Hilton….Tres tres chic, open for extended hours-months-6:30AM till 11PM, heated outdoor, sexy lights for night swimming, plentiful towels, a gym, 25 meters, allows for tans to last till late October!  The best part.—the direction of the sun and its shadow…WHY? Well…


-it has sexy location (on Connecticut & Columbia Rd) NW DC—a block away from Dupont Circle Metro. Leave the pool, go get something to eat in Dupont, stroll the gay friendly streets, or go to the bars, U street, and Adams Morgan are all just 2 blocks away!


-it has a beautifully balanced mix of tourists & locals – tourists that are staying at the hotel themselves, and local members who live in Washington DC that decided to pay 1200 bucks to become a member of this pool  (am I a member?—that’s for me to know and you to ask me about what its like to be Miss. Abignail.

-Nobody here will feel out of place. Its a nice family atmosphere. Not too many crazy teenagers, geezers, babies, or plastics. Its a nice mix of friendly people—from local member swimmers that lap swim daily, to rich foreigners from Italy who don’t speak english but sport the hottest, vogue-esque swimwear that you see in the magazines. We’ve got Serbian, Bulgarian Lifeguards (as usual in any pool you go to in Montgomery County), a couple families, a couple randoms, and me.


-it is the ONLY OUTDOOR swimming pool that opens in May 1st and stays open until November 1st! THIS IS A BIG DDEAL GUYS—when all the other pools in the city that are outdoor are closed—THE WASHINGTON HILTON POOL STAYS OPEN@ How cool is that? I go to this pool about 4 or 5 times a week and swim my 120 laps religiously. Where did I go today? —the Washington Hilton Pool. Where am I going tomorrow?—the Washington Hilton Pool.

It has a sexy complimentary OPEN BAR from 5-7 on Fridays in the summer time —this would be your favorite if you are a drinker. Since I dont drink, that doesnt mean I don’t benefit from it though. I use this commodity at the Washington Hilton to lure my alcoholic friends in to hang out with me after a nice swim. Or persuade alcoholic tourists that are staying in the hotel to take my most expensive pedicab tour with as many people as they know (although this is funny, it is not a joke—I really do go to this hotel and find my prey for my night tour victims—and by that I mean—costumers that didn’t know how refreshingly amazing, original, fun, education, and memorable a pedicab tour of the monuments at night would have ever been).

people around in late October ask me “Where did you go?…you are so tan!!!” and I say… “Mexico!” when really, I have just been going to the pool every day. NICE POOL, NICE TAN, NICE FAKE VACATION—because in reality guys….this pool is my vacation. It is so beautiful, the water is warm, the lifeguards don’t bother me, I can meditate in peace, I swim in peace, not too many idiots get in my lane to piss me off during my time of focus, the people there are upperclass sweet hearts, and since it is a neighborhood pool to some locals—everyone is friendly. It isn’t ever too crowded!


–the facility is amazing—they have complimentary tea, coffee, mint water, and cranberry water when you first walk in. Refreshing, spectacular,, shee shee whoo whoo. Would the W hotel have a pool like this? no. sorry. Maybe the W should think about that! hmmmm….

–the structure of the Washington Hilton is perfectly located in a manner so that the Sun IS ALWAYS SHINING ON THE POOL. Aren’t you tired of always having to move around in your pool to get the sun? Every ten minutes after 5 o clock means you have to move, move, move, and move again. NOT ANYMORE FELLAS! At the Washington Hilton, you can be in the sun, if you so choose at all hours of the day. No BIG BUILDING will be blocking your sun and giving you shade! (This is very important to me)

-they provide anything you could possibly imagine you would need: towels, cutips, tampons, shaving gear, shampoo, conditioner, fancy lockers, luxurious changing room, 25 meter pool, nice cleaning ladies that ask you how you are doing and smile all bright. May I add, the life guards both male and female—are quite attractive!


This is not just the best pool in Washington DC, it is the best pool in the WORLD. If I love it— you will love it-. In conclusion…. come there with me once and check it out. The outdoor pool is STILL open—until November 1. AMAZing! Basically, if I were homeless—I’d make my secret homeless ‘shelter’ this pool. I’ll tell you about that another day.


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