This past saturday, we did an event with THE BUZZ FEED. We had ten of our pedicabs advertising and running back and forth from the Presidential Correspondence Dinner to the after party. Here are some pics!


Thats right, we were at the Washington Hilton Hotel (where Reagen was shot), where Obama was having his Presidential Correspondence Dinner…. It was awesome!


These are some of our beautiful fun eye catching Discover DC Pedicabs! OOO LA LA SA SO!!!!And Here on the left we have Miss Washington DC—isnt she pretty! NICE KNOCKERS!!!


I like to make these muscular men that are more than happy to take you around to make fun poses… DO THE EGYPTIAN I SAY!!!!

pedicab advertising


pedicab outdoors BBQ sure does taste good

pedicab advertising


3 Responses to “ADVERTISING with THE BUZZ FEED”
  1. Bubakar says:

    Now I see what all the buzz is about!! Boy, these ripped guys will rock your world!

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