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Year Round / Estimated Time: 1 and 20 minutes hours 59.00 USD per person 35.00 per child
This tour starts at the Old Post Office on 12th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Stroll along Pennsylvania Avenue and arrive at the White House; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Take a picture in front of the White House and pass the Washington Monument. Pass the Vietnam War Memorial and stop to say hello to the Great Emancipator who wrote the Gettysburg Address inside the Lincoln Memorial. Walk by the reflecting pool and stand where Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech. Last but not least,
enjoy the lighted fountains of the World War II memorial as you experience the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the monument. Arrive back at Old Post Office and bid your guide farewell.

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Year Round / Estimated Time: 40 minutes 49.00 USD per person  25.00 per child:

Greet your guide at 7th and h street nw in front of starbucks: Go on a historical tour that is designed to avenge the death of beloved ABE. Follow  the footsteps of John Wilkes Booth— Lincoln’s assassinator as you Suavely stroll by the Building Museum which was the site of the Lincoln Inaugural Ball. Check out the fall foliage by the Police Memorial  and head towards Chinatown Town. visit the site that the famous Mary Seuratt House  stands. Look inside the house that in 1800’s was rented out to the conspirators of the Lincoln Assassination. Basque in the beauty of the Church that Lincoln would go to and stroll through the alley way  that John Wilkes Booth escaped from the day that he shot Lincoln. Take a picture in front of Fords Theater. Visit the Large Placard—where Booth last stood before he and escaped to South East  Washington DC Via Horse Back. Pay your respects while you pass the Peterson House where Lincoln actually died. As we pass Madam Taussads, Lincoln’s ghost statue will most likely  be sitting in a chair waving to you! wwwwwphewww. Want to take a picture with him? End your tour at a nearby metro station or a nearby restaurant. (metro center station or ask your guide to take you back to where you started!


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ALL Year Round  69.00 USD per person  

Have some fun, merriment—Cruise while you booze,——man powered, pedicabs and no walking shoes—-

 Take a break- and hop inside ——-Sit back relax—enjoy the ride..– ———

(Available 5pm-9pm Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, SAT,Sun)BOOZE CRUISE —Start at Starbucks (at 7th and E streets NW). Go around cruising through penn quarter, chinatown, and metro center areas and pass by the Newseum, Crime and Punishment Museum, Portrait Gallery, Verizon Center, 7th street, the Friendship Arch, and some other cool places—-. End where you started or a nearby metro station including chinatown, national archives, federal triangle, and metro center. Tour the city for 40 minutes while sipping on bubbly.

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 WEED TOUR (weed is legal in dc)  75.00 per person

pick up location options:


a) U street Cardozza Metro Station 1000 U street NW (touring through U street “black broadway”)

b) 3 Washington Circle NW DC (touring through Georgetown)

c) 443 7th street NW touring through chinatown, Penn quarter, Lincoln-esque tour



Seasonal /(Dec 4-Dec 31) Estimated Time: 45 minutes $49 per person  22.00 per child Available daily at 5, 6, 7, 8,9, 10pm

Meet at starbucks on 7th and E street –1 blocks from National Archives Metro and 1 block from Chinatown Metro. Bundle up in blankets on the Pedicab head towards the Nations Capital. Pass the Newseum, stroll through 50 different state news papers that are showcased in front of the museum. Check out the Canadian Embassy’s Tree Lights, the Capital Tree Lights, and head towards the White House via Pennsylvania Avenue. Get dropped off at the White House National Tree Lights. This is a 45minute Tour and you also pass the National Archives, the FBI Building, the Old Post Office, the Navy Memorial, and the FDR memorial.

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