When a man Fs up, it is our job as the super pedicab WoMan  on call, to save the day.

So when Kendra (another fellow pedicab super woman) stormed off after a relationship ending argument with her dumb doo doo brain-boyfriend —she was pissed. She got on her bike, and she was riding away—FAST.  I knew she’d be better off coming to my house than riding all the way back home with man problems on her hands. But following her speedy swag through the streets of DC,  to make sure she was ok was not easy! She’s on two wheeled bike, and I’m on a three wheeled tricycle— but not the regular everyday Discover DC Mobile—pedicab.

Today it was different. Today I am on my Lean Mean, pedal for Green Machine. My-Mo Money Mo Problomz, Solar Sunkiss CAR-BIKE LOVE CHILD! Today Im in my booom, you missed it, perceptions twisted, ELF in YO FACE, no gas wasted,  google it, to shmoogle it! cant craigslist it. ELF. and it goes 35 miles an hour without pedaling, BOOM.

But even though the Elf is fast, Dayuuuuum! Kendra is faster! Kendra’s got speed. And since Kendra is small, She swivel hips magees through oncomming traffic post mate books it from one side of town to another as fast as a speeding bullet!  So Good thing I’ve got my ELF today! I can pedal, or not (use my pedals), or use my solar panel power ups from my star turbo power Super Mario Brothers 3 savings account!

So, we’re leaving Chinatown via 7th street going north turning onto oncomming traffic, and I know that red light on Mass and 7th is going to be a major buzz kill so I decide to turn it up a notch. As I purposely passed the PoPO on Massachusettes Avenue and  ran two red lights (that shouldn’t have been there in the first place) in my new spaceship elf, a megaphone voice yelled,… “STOP whatever this vehicle is…what is that a car? a bike? a flying egg?)….

FLYING EGG, not really. BIKE, maybe. CAR, No!

“Its an Elf Sir. And my friend  with the pink Italia helmet who you see  pedoodle-ing away like its nobody’s business is quite upset due to her dumb doo doo brain boyfriend, now Xboyfriend’s narrSasmic characteristics that drove milady mad! They had a lovers quarrell and nolonger are lovers NO MOH! Now I, my dear Po, as I ride the Elf-mobile, am the designated super Woman Pedicabber of the Day—and therefore must save her from what is about to happen next, so you must let me go with a fair warning. Elf mo-bile in hand!”

Po (POLICE OFFICER)number one looked at Po number two in confusion. They walked over, checked out my wheels. (and Kendra made sad pouty faces in the back ground). “this got an engine on it?”—-“No. Its just a measly egg bicycle”…. (hee hee ha ha and by that I mean IT DOES HAVE AN ENGINE— that is powered by a solar panel and i can turn it on when I want!! HOOO HOO HA HA HA HA WA WA WE WA).

“And really, Sorry officer, I just wanted to see ‘what this  baby can do’, I said.”I just got this baby, and I wanted to see how fast it can go!”

“Well this baby—- can get you in a lot of trouble—- That’s what!…Now I don’t know what this here vehicle is.. but you’re lucky, I’m gonna let you go with just a warning. ”

Kendra and I looked into each others eyes with a happy panting dog productions kind of a smile, thanked the officers, and passed off a Discover DC Pedicab Tours Business Card. “Free Tour anytime officer, bring your wife, kids, and or grandma— at your service!”

Yay! With the PoPO drama that followed our bike ride, we had almost forgotten the man trouble that perplexed us in the first place.

We pedoodled off into the midst of Rhode Island Avenue where shit starts to get real after you pass that gas station on Florida Ave.  As I dodged some pot holes, passed more red lights, and felt satisfaction for my eventful day, the sun continuously charged my elf which would allow me to do this again tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow I won’t be the super pedicab woman on call… bUt thats another story for another time.

In conclusion: 1)you can rent an elf for 50 dollars for two hours starting december 4th! 2) Ask about our elf tours! (2 seater elfs)! 3) Don’t let relationship problems give you road rage, but if you do000—-make sure you get a super pedicab woman lady on call to save your day! 202-656-3593


5. TABAQ Bistro —so URBAN…. and beautiful in rain or shine! tres tres chic. On Sundays, there is this pretty cool rooftop terrace party that I have gone to a couple of times. If you like house, minimal house,  or progressive house–Sunday is your day to party there. The view from the top of the establishment – which, I might add, is enclosed and very inviting – is something to behold. 1336 U street NW DC

4. Perry’s … It is American Cuisine, with a touch of Asian. Great place to bring a date on a good night. THe rooftop is fabulous.1811 Columbia Road NW, DC  – (202) 234-6218

3. Local 16 nice crowd, u street, next to a lot of nice places to go to….food is alright. 1620 U Street NW Washington, DC 20009 Between U St, 16th Street & New Hampshire Ave

2. Donovan House-–My Favorite. Cute Small pool that nobody in their right mind would actually go in…. unless you were a complete drunk fool or a total show off…. 1155 14TH STREET, N.W.WASHINGTON, D.C. 20005

1. -The W Hotel (on Pennsylvania Ave and 15th street NW) Go up here w/kids before 3pm. After that, they ask for ID. The rooftop deck of the W Hotel is in my opinnion the best view in Washington DC of its most spectacular sites. Have Sunday Brunch, evening drinks, or appetizers here. I must warn you, it is pretty SHE SHE WHO WHO (classy, nice, no sloppy homeless wear please), so don’t be to casual after 6pm if you plan on fitting in.

Have you ever wondered why you can see all of DC from the top level of most buildings? Its simple. There are laws against sky scrappers being built in DC after 1910. In 1910, Congress made it illegal to have any building taller than 2 times plus 20 meters the building directly in front of it. Yes, there are some buildings that do not comply with these rules. The Cairo for example (a private residence on 16th st and R st NW) is taller than 12 stories. This is because it was built before 1910. sssssnnnnnnnnnn-eeeeeeeeeeaky!!!

Check out these places for a great view for the Tourist:

Hey tourist, if you don’t get to go up and see inside the Washington Monument (14th and Constitution NW), don’t sweat it. Since the earthquake this past month, it’s been closed and still is. There are plenty of other great places that you can enjoy a panoramic view. side note: if you are planning on going to the Monument, stand in line by 7:30 AM to get same day tickets…. and that is only when it opens up again. So keep your panties on ladies, I have no idea when that will be!

-Old Post Office
 (on 12th street and Pennsylvania NW) Federal Triangle Metro Station
Go up the free elevator. The last elevator goes up at 5:45. Take some pictures. Send em to me! Not far from here is the W hotel…
For the Tourist or the Local, young, or old


Tonight, when I was coming back from birthday celebrations, my birthday bird’s eye view perspective stumbled across the word “History” for Yelp. As the “Business Owner” I had to “Claim my Business” and fill out my “HISTORY” for Discover DC TOURS.

History? Well this is not some old lemonade stand company that turned into Mac Donalds in 1892…so I can’t top that. At first, I didn’t think there was much to my “history” but after giving it a little thought, I realized that I think of the pedicab and me in the sense of Holy Matrimony, a marriage, a relationship… no actually, more so a TRUE LOVE STORY:
-how we first set eyes on each other
-how we fell in love
-how I wanted to keep him to stay the night or meet the parents, and the parents to accept him…

Its truely a love story…

This is what I wrote…
Shaady Fakhrai, a free spirited uncaged birdie flew out of the coo coos nest one day after realizing that starting a ‘different’ tour company would make her happier than following a conventional lemmings life style desk job…

In August 2010, when Shaady, ran into an attractive three wheeled bike that most would call a “rick shaw”, she fell in love. Strolling around the fountains of WWII in the romantic DC summer nights had her “smittin”. As the pedicab and her got to be more serious in a short amount of time, Shaady decided it was time to take it to the next level. As she gained the courage to introduce this beautiful, green, eco-friendly master peice to her family in October of 2010, they did not approve. “Shaady Joon, you and the pedicab can have fun for now, but you must not take it seriously. After all, this is just temporary…right?” Basically, they wanted Shaady to casually see/do pedicab tours on weekends, summers, and spring breaks when Shaady has free time from teaching 6th grade in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Rosa and Kambiz Fakhrai were more so worried for Shaady’s future together with pedicabbing as a career. While they were unaccepting at first, after seeing that their dear daughter was keeping healthy & happy while passionately educating tourists, they gave in. Shaady and the pedicab have been inseperable since day one.

Soon after laying her googely eyes on her first pedicab, Shaady bought some of her own pedicabs in holy matrimony and started Discover DC Tours in December of 2010.


click on THIS LINK to see KENDRA in a VIDEO pedicabbing in vietnam!

Pedicabbers epitomize diversity. We’re really a motley crew. Our love for bikes and the open road (err…bike lanes) connect us from all corners of the globe. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo of me and my friend Go, a pedicabber in Hanoi, Vietnam. We’re really not all that different. In fact, in addition to our profession of choice, here are just a few things we have in common:

1. We both look great in red

2. We both have more good hair days than bad

3. We both work on holidays (this photo was taken on New Year’s Day)

4. We both enjoy a nice hot pot of pho

5. We both love our customers.

Children of Persia Walkathon

On Septemner 21, Children of Persia had its 10th annual walkathon and it was a blast. Check it out here!




Seasonal /(Dec 1-Dec 30) Estimated Time: 45 minutes $49 per person Available daily at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10pm

Meet at starbucks on 7th and E street –1 blocks from National Archives Metro and 1 block from Chinatown Metro. Bundle up in blankets on the Pedicab head towards the Nations Capital. Pass the Newseum, stroll through 50 different state news papers that are showcased in front of the museum. Check out the Canadian Embassy’s Tree Lights, the Capital Tree Lights, and head towards the White House via Pennsylvania Avenue. Get dropped off at the White House National Tree Lights. This is a 45minute Tour and you also pass the National Archives, the FBI Building, the Old Post Office, the Navy Memorial, and the FDR memorial.