Too Pretty to Pedicab?

   Whether you like to say it out loud or not, there is a definite pedicab stigma. People are constantly coming up to us girl pedicabbers and saying “You are way too beautiful to be doing that!”…and it bothers me. Ok. So since I’m pretty what should I be doing? Should I be a prostitute? A super model? A pretty Persian girl on Shahs of Sunset that chills and does nothing but uses daddy’s credit cards for Fendi, Prada, and Gucci? Well somebody has to pay for my Gucci obsession and it sure is’t going to be mom or dad. Would it make people happier if I wasn’t doing this? Maybe if I was uglier it would be more ok in society to drive a pedicab.

One time an Indian family came up to another pedicabber and requested a tour. Sean, who was in line at the Air and Space said—‘sure—but Shaad’s up so she can take you guys. She gives a mean tour!’ This dude stopped dumbfounded. Jaw dropped hit the floor. And boom. “But she is a vooman! She cannot take us! Absolutely not”—“no trust me—shes stronger than I am—she can take you guys better than I could….” And so I assured them a few times and after 3 minutes of back and forth they finally got on. This mother father jumped off m pedicab about 3 times when I got to lights and wanted to push behind me beause he didn;’t think I’d be able to do it. I basically told him “If you get out of my cab one more time to push I’m going to push you off my cab and steal your kids! Stop doing that —I assure you I am  wo MAN enough to do it. Now- FINALLY when he learned my story—and why I actually pedicabbed around like this he stopped his shovenistic behavior and gave into my super hero powers….and we had fun.


Heres one more thing I have to say—- I will NEVER stop pedicabbing ok? NEVER. Even if I’m a million billionaire. Maybe if my husband didn’t ike it for certain reasons I’d reason with him—BUT….. I’m just saying I will never stop. Its not for the money. It saved my life, my leg, my muscles, my mental state—made me stronger, and happier. If  I believe that pedicabbing was the reason I was able to live without furthering treatment, and extra surgeries—- why would I ever stop? That would be ridiculous.

So please—if you see a pedicabber out there and you are wondering why he/she is doing this job—- know that everyone has their reasons. Everybody has a different reason whether it be …. To make fast money, to enjoy the weather, because if they continued their office job—they would commit suicide……. Or…….to have flexibility, to do what I want, to travel during the year and work for a couple of months, or to be able to finance their theater career—we are all different. Some do it to lose weight, to get in shape, to get through college, to get healthy, to find an alternative to going out clubbing and getting wasted—- to get paid to exercise, or because gym memberships are too expensive in dc. Some do it simply because they graduated from Corcoran with 3 art degrees and are very liberal artsy fartsy and prefer to make money this way—- Some just do it simply to live like a rock star. Most of us graduated from a four year university—we are educated—we know more about the city than most, we know whats going on, where to go, what is good—and we love sharing it with you. So know that no one is too anything… to be a pedicabber.





A centuries-old form of transportation has made a resurgence in the District as DC Pedicab began peddling its service — a ride on the back of a bicycle-drawn carriage — this weekend.

Bicycle pedicabs, the modern version of 18th-century carts pulled by runners, are common in Asia and Europe. But in recent years, modern pedicab companies have opened in New York, San Diego, Chicago, Green Bay, Wis., and Charleston, S.C.

DC Pedicab plans to start out with six drivers — on three-wheel bikes fitted with a three-person carriage — roaming the city, biking passengers to tourist and nightlife destinations.

“There is nothing like it in the D.C. market,” said co-owner Ryan Guthrie. “I think it’s going to be really big with the tourist crowd … and the nightlife angle in Dupont and Adams Morgan.”

Passengers will be able to flag down a ride or call ahead and reserve a driver, who will be zoned largely around Gallery Place, Dupont Circle and the National Mall.

Fares are up to the individual contractors, but will be about $4.50 per person for a ride. Bikers won’t be able to take passengers to traffic-congested Georgetown and will be limited by the city’s borders and large hills, such as the climb north on Connecticut Avenue NW toward Adams Morgan.

“If a very motivated guy wanted to go from Dupont uphill to Adams Morgan, he can negotiate with the independent contractor,” Mr. Guthrie joked.

The company is expected to hear back from the National Park Service this week about whether it can ride along the Mall.

“As long as we can work with the Park Service, this will be a big market for us,” he said.

Hours will depend on the contractors’ availability, Mr. Guthrie said.

Mr. Guthrie said part of the attraction to pedicabs is that they’re different from other transportation options.

“It’s cheaper than a cab,” he said. “But also, it’s an experience. You can be outside, the wind blowing in your hair, and a driver to get you where you need to go.”

Mr. Guthrie and college friend John Zielke were sniffing around for a business idea when they heard about a New York pedicab business and thought it would work in Washington.

For now, Pedicab is their part-time business, but they hope eventually to build it — the goal is 30 bikes within five years — into full-time work.

Mr. Guthrie said pedaling passengers through traffic isn’t as hard as it sounds, and he has about 14 contractors interested in covering day and evening shifts on the six bikes. The service likely will close for three months during the winter.

DC Pedicab is modeled after similar services in other cities, but especially Charleston, S.C., which operates 20 bikes.

“I personally think if Washington is done right, we can have 30 bikes at least,” he said.

Start-up money — the amount of which the company declined to reveal — went largely to bicycles and insurance, Mr. Guthrie said.

“We’re not just tying a red wagon to the back of our Schwinn 10-speed,” he said, adding that the company has high safety standards its contractors must meet.



As a pedicabber and a lover of Washington DC, I must admit that I am obsessed with pedicabbing. This is the reason why I started this company. Since I love pedicabbing so much, I free-styled this song about pedicabbing and recorded it on my i-phone…. listen to it… It is… one part ridiculous, three parts passionate, two part facts, and one part fib. Most pedicabbers would appreciate this song… let me know what you think…

pedicab song

My Pedicab Song



Pedicab song by PantingDogProductions aka me…. your pedicab champion super human powered friend…. check me out BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COWWWW





Tourists in DC say the Darndest Things to Pedicabbers!!! OUR favorite quotes we hear every day—–

Hey–don’t get offended… we are just having a little fun….


What Tourists say What we are thinking
“Don’t you get tired?” We are all basically energizer bunny rabbits. We keep going and going and going. We have the stamina of Micheal Felpz in the olympics, the photographic memory of Benjamin Banneker when he redesigned Pierre Lenfent’s map of Washington DC’s streets, the expert opinion of all yelp users for every restaurant and public establishment you search for in that iphone of yours, and the knowledge of that fat tour book you bought on your way here at the airport…. We don’t get tired. Our bodies have been conditioned over time for such work and we love every minute of it.
“I guess you don’t need a gym membership” I belong to three gyms. I do zumba and I swim 120 lps 3 times a week. I need a gym membership. My boyfriend thinks I’m fat… and he wants me to get rid of my belly—biking doesn’t help
“I thought that was the white house!” No  smartzilla— that’s the Capitol. Yes they are both white.
“Oh well 20 dollars is more than a taxi” No kidding. I am not a taxi. Do you see my legs? They are the source of energy that this bike uses to transport your ignorant ass across the Washington Mall. Which one do  you think is going to be more expensive? BROKE BIA BIA
“Is that hard?” Only when we’re taking a full load up a steap hill. Everything else is smooth sailing.
“Can I ride your bike and you sit in the back” Absolutely not. How about this…. I am going to make a deal with you. If you want…we can stop right now… If you can ride my bike without losing control—I will give you this tour for free— BUT. There’s a kicker. If you lose control and hit the curb—and cannot handle your handle bars— you will pay me double. I guarantee you 100 percent that you will lose control and crash—but if you are confident and want to go through with this bet—I am game. (This really happeed)
“HEY can you take me to BWI??? Chuckle chuckle chuckle chuckle… since it’s far… they think its funny. They also say “airport” or “reagen” or “Arlington”  and expect us to say no…. Uh. HEY DUMMY. I took someone to Arlington a few times…. Its not so far fetched. I know Alex L took people to reagen just the other day. Stop saying stupid stuff. We don’t think it’s funny
“Why do you do this?” know that everyone has their reasons. Everybody has a different reason whether it be …. To make fast money, to enjoy the weather, because if they continued their office job—they would commit suicide……. Or…….to have flexibility, to do what I want, to travel during the year and work for a couple of months, or to be able to finance their theater career—we are all different. Some do it to lose weight, to get in shape, to get through college, to get healthy, to find an alternative to going out clubbing and getting wasted—- to get paid to exercise, or because gym memberships are too expensive in dc. Some do it simply because they graduated from Corcoran with 3 art degrees and are very liberal artsy fartsy and prefer to make money this way—- Some just do it simply to live like a rock star. Most of us graduated from a four year university—we are educated—we know more about the city than most, we know whats going on, where to go, what is good—and we love sharing it with you.


Tonight I engaged two young U street urbanites in a tour of the lovely Lincoln Theater and Ben’s Chili Bowl. Thanking me with soulful “OOOOs”, “AAAAs”, and “dayam girl you strong like Her Cule Lease”…they paid me with a hundred dollar bill which included a chunky tip to my surprise. I gave these generous lads sixty dollars in change and deservedly decided to indulge my thirsty turtles in a delightful drink at ‘Wonderland” with some living socialites.

As I paid for my drink with my new crisp hundred dollar bill, I scanned the bar for attractive lads that I would perhaps converse with about donkeys and elephants that roam our politically charged zoo of a city. Unexpectedly, I was jolted aside by the bartender who angrily demanded for my arrest….

“This Bill is fake. You take me for a fool?”, he shouted. He squinted his eyes and called for security, “Get this girl out of my bar!”

Defensively, I pulled away like the sly swift flying squirrel that I am and quickly retreated into my shotogun Bruce Lee horse stance I learned from my dad in Karate. Putting away my “WHY-I-OUGHTTA” knuckle sand which fists, I quickly calmed down and was overcome with a sense of self righteous punk rock Patrick Henry… “DUDE!!!! I demand you let me go at once!!!!Give me liberty or give me DEATH!” I said.

Suddenly, the bartender transformed into the Queen of Hearts…


In Wonderland, I stood stooped n stumped
while the beats of my heart skipped, startled and jumped
On the Grill, heated,
this bill had me cheated
the counterfeit fibbed me
I didn’t site see it!

cuffed slung n criminally treated
cops would have me arrested and seated
in the back of a police car,…
instead of my pedicab

NOW…what would my mother say?

he said!
and i Wish it a dream
so I’d roll out of bed

But it wasn’t quite that my Destination DC BLOG FRIENDS!!! This really happened.
I was astonished by this unjustified aggressive behavior…. While I did not get arrested, I had my counterfeit 100 dollar bill snatched from my possession. I explained how I had been paid in this new crispity crunchity bill. I had no idea it was counterfeit. For foolish, fib infested, counterfeit MONEY which is circling the DC area like the Bubonic Plague—an epidemic of the past, let this be a lesson from the sly swift flying squirrel… Shaady… your Destination DC Tour Guide.
Don’t let this happen to you. Educate yourself!
Destination DC Quiz:
1. What is US Dollar Bills made of?
2. When the new 100 dollar bill was made, did business owners and consumers have to turn in their old bills for their new ones?
3. Where is the Federal Reserve Seal located on the NEW 100 dollar bill?
4. What was changed in the new hundred dollar bill to make it harder to counterfeit?
5. What building is on the back of each new 100 dollar bill?

Here is a video about how to tell the difference between fake and real 100 dollar bills…



Did you know that:

-The CodMother is my favorite U street bar to go for chill company, good music, good people, sexy underground hidden entrance for cool people ONLY, a fun school teacher chalk board i love to draw on, and tasty food? **** just a recommendation!

-Ben Ali way was named after the owner of Ben’s chili bowl—one of the oldest building to have survived the 1968 dc riots and metro reconstruction—-thanks to Bill Cosby
-U street was the hot spot for African Americans, black business owners, and jazzy juicy culture that is far more interesting than anything in the white part of town

-On this street there is a Rue Reformer Building—G Byron Peck’s mural of Duck Ellingtown with his profile and piano keys—its hot. its colorful-you gotta see it

-Duke Ellington lived on 13th street between S and T street DUKE ELLINGTON
-U street was called “BLACK BROADWAY” back in the day –by Pearl Bailey
-after the riots —U and 14th street was the Epicenter for drug traffiking crack whores, violence, guns, roses, cocaine, heroin, and people watching


Other things that are not AS interesting but still interesting are the following:
-U Street was developed between 1862 and 1900—victorian era neighborhood made of row houses starts from 9th street to 18th street
-Commercially significant when a street carline was developed in the early 20th century
-Predominately white and middle class until 1900’s
-Became segregated in the 1900’s
-Cities most important concentration for entertainment, and business operated by Africans Americans
-1900’s till 1920—home to nations largest African community “known as “black broadway coined by Pearl Bailey singer
-Lincoln theater 1921 located at 1215  on U street is next to Ben’s Chili Bowl and Duke Ellington played there
-Neighborhoood began to decline after MLK was assassinated in 1968
-intersection of 14 and U was the epicenter of violence and destruction—-during 1968 dc RIOTS
-Drug trafficking rose in 1970’s
-Everyone was in the street in a carnival like atmosphere waiting for drug shipments to arrive
-U street is the center of music scene- Bohemian Caverns, Velvet Lounge, JAZZ erwherrr


Top 5 Places I Rarely Go To But I Wish I Did More Often.
We all have this list., we all have places we like to visit in our hometowns but rarely do. Here are mine.
5. Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum
I think there’s a certain creepy charm to Wax Museums, and Madame Tuddauds Wax Museum is no different. You might recognize the name from the red double-decker busses that have become ubiquitous on the National Mall area, with a lifeless wax Barack Obama staring at you with those lifeless eyes, surrounded by an equally lifeless Beyonce and Johnny Depp. There’s something a little creepy about wax statues, famed robiticist Massahiro Morri called this phenomenon The Uncanny Valley, but that’s a subject for another day. Despite the inherent creepiness, I’ve always found this place to have a certain kitschy charm to it. It’s just gaudy enough to work.
4. Verizon Center
Washington DC has a hockey team to be proud of. I know very little of sports, and still I know this. My grandfather used to take me to see hockey games when I was a kid. I used to anxiously wait around for fights to break out, and I felt a giddy, guilty glee whenever it happened. Currently we have a team worth seeing even without the chaotic melees of yesteryear’s hockey. While part of me misses that wild barbarism on ice, it’s always good to see a prodigy like Ovechkin on the ice.
3. The Crime & Punishment Museum
The Crime & Punishment Museum isn’t a museum dedicated to the classic Dostoyevsky novel, unfortunately enough, but it is dedicated to one of my favorite interests the world of crime. I, like many law abiding citizens am deeply fascinated by crime and crime narratives, and this museum features everything from the barbarism of medieval justice of generally chaining people to walls and torturing them to the prohibition era of mob crime. When I wander around this museum it almost feels like I’m in the Bat Cave in all of it’s absurd glory.
2. Marian Koshland’s Science Museum
As a kid, science always fascinated, seeing how the world really works and the inner mechanics of the world captures my imagination. It has tons of really cool things like a Science Trivia challenge, you can see satellite photos of the world at night, showing the tiny little points of light that tell everyone humanity was here, and some astrophysical phenomenon. You might have to pay 5 bucks to get in, but when you see the beauty of the natural world through the lens of science, you’ll probably forget about all that and look at the world in a beautiful new light.
1. International Spy Museum
Surprisingly little of this museum is dedicated to Baccarat or bowties, but this place is nothing if not atmospheric. You come in and immediately are given a cover identity, they ask you to memorize it and they start to do their best to immerse you in the world of espionage. It even has it’s own treasure hunting thing over DC. It might not be the most scientific or highbrow museum, it may be pricey at 18 dollars admission for adults and it does really skip over some of the dirtier and more morally grey aspects of the trade, but the showmanship is so good that it will take you a bit to come to your senses.


Washington Monument still stands tall behind a fellow pedicaber

The Washington Monument After our Earth Quake August 23, 2011

Today, during the earthquake, a couple who I spoke with were at the top of the Washington Monument! “We thought we were under attack! Thank the lord we weren’t in the elevator! We were advised to walk down the 896 stairs and boy did that take a long time!”

Today at 1:51, the earthquake caused some of the caulking in the Washington Monument to fall inside the monument’s observation area. Shortly after the crack appeared on the west side of the monument, a helicopter circled the monument in order to spot any other damages done to the structure. An engineering firm will conduct a more thorough damage assessment in the coming days. For now and indefinitely, the Washington Monument is closed. All the way at the top of the Washington Monument (which stands 555 5 1/8 inches), on the west side, a crack about 1 foot in height appears very close to the furthest window on the right. Can you see it?

Interesting facts about the Washington Monument:

-There is no actual mortar that is used to keep the 36,801 granite blocks together.
-There is caulking however, that is used for weathering purposes.
-There is a change in color 1/3rd of the way of from the base of the Monument
-The change in color is due to the lack of resources and funding to continue the building during the civil war….for 25 years, there was no work done on the monument.
-Contrary to popular belief, the material on the top and the bottom of the monument is from the same query. The change in color is ultimately due to the aging of the stone.
-In high winds, the monument is designed to be able to shift ¼inch in any direction.

Friends, this crack has been a devastating effect of the Washington Monument, and for how much longer it will be closed,…. Sadly, I do not know. But, in time, I will alert you personally as I keep hourly updates of my favorite monument!


When a man Fs up, it is our job as the super pedicab WoMan  on call, to save the day.

So when Kendra (another fellow pedicab super woman) stormed off after a relationship ending argument with her dumb doo doo brain-boyfriend —she was pissed. She got on her bike, and she was riding away—FAST.  I knew she’d be better off coming to my house than riding all the way back home with man problems on her hands. But following her speedy swag through the streets of DC,  to make sure she was ok was not easy! She’s on two wheeled bike, and I’m on a three wheeled tricycle— but not the regular everyday Discover DC Mobile—pedicab.

Today it was different. Today I am on my Lean Mean, pedal for Green Machine. My-Mo Money Mo Problomz, Solar Sunkiss CAR-BIKE LOVE CHILD! Today Im in my booom, you missed it, perceptions twisted, ELF in YO FACE, no gas wasted,  google it, to shmoogle it! cant craigslist it. ELF. and it goes 35 miles an hour without pedaling, BOOM.

But even though the Elf is fast, Dayuuuuum! Kendra is faster! Kendra’s got speed. And since Kendra is small, She swivel hips magees through oncomming traffic post mate books it from one side of town to another as fast as a speeding bullet!  So Good thing I’ve got my ELF today! I can pedal, or not (use my pedals), or use my solar panel power ups from my star turbo power Super Mario Brothers 3 savings account!

So, we’re leaving Chinatown via 7th street going north turning onto oncomming traffic, and I know that red light on Mass and 7th is going to be a major buzz kill so I decide to turn it up a notch. As I purposely passed the PoPO on Massachusettes Avenue and  ran two red lights (that shouldn’t have been there in the first place) in my new spaceship elf, a megaphone voice yelled,… “STOP whatever this vehicle is…what is that a car? a bike? a flying egg?)….

FLYING EGG, not really. BIKE, maybe. CAR, No!

“Its an Elf Sir. And my friend  with the pink Italia helmet who you see  pedoodle-ing away like its nobody’s business is quite upset due to her dumb doo doo brain boyfriend, now Xboyfriend’s narrSasmic characteristics that drove milady mad! They had a lovers quarrell and nolonger are lovers NO MOH! Now I, my dear Po, as I ride the Elf-mobile, am the designated super Woman Pedicabber of the Day—and therefore must save her from what is about to happen next, so you must let me go with a fair warning. Elf mo-bile in hand!”

Po (POLICE OFFICER)number one looked at Po number two in confusion. They walked over, checked out my wheels. (and Kendra made sad pouty faces in the back ground). “this got an engine on it?”—-“No. Its just a measly egg bicycle”…. (hee hee ha ha and by that I mean IT DOES HAVE AN ENGINE— that is powered by a solar panel and i can turn it on when I want!! HOOO HOO HA HA HA HA WA WA WE WA).

“And really, Sorry officer, I just wanted to see ‘what this  baby can do’, I said.”I just got this baby, and I wanted to see how fast it can go!”

“Well this baby—- can get you in a lot of trouble—- That’s what!…Now I don’t know what this here vehicle is.. but you’re lucky, I’m gonna let you go with just a warning. ”

Kendra and I looked into each others eyes with a happy panting dog productions kind of a smile, thanked the officers, and passed off a Discover DC Pedicab Tours Business Card. “Free Tour anytime officer, bring your wife, kids, and or grandma— at your service!”

Yay! With the PoPO drama that followed our bike ride, we had almost forgotten the man trouble that perplexed us in the first place.

We pedoodled off into the midst of Rhode Island Avenue where shit starts to get real after you pass that gas station on Florida Ave.  As I dodged some pot holes, passed more red lights, and felt satisfaction for my eventful day, the sun continuously charged my elf which would allow me to do this again tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow I won’t be the super pedicab woman on call… bUt thats another story for another time.

In conclusion: 1)you can rent an elf for 50 dollars for two hours starting december 4th! 2) Ask about our elf tours! (2 seater elfs)! 3) Don’t let relationship problems give you road rage, but if you do000—-make sure you get a super pedicab woman lady on call to save your day! 202-656-3593



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