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Read the Washinton Post Article here to check out the full story! So over the summer, more so at the beginning, the Washington Post called my office and asked me if it would be ok to do a story on Destination DC Tours. I was thinking…. oh wow…sweet. We had one interview at the beginning of the summer, and then another interview on the mall…. and boom its out now. I am hoping my parents are proud. YAY

I must say that during the interview I was kind of reluctant to say the WHOLE story of my leg and the accident and the tumor because it is painful for me to talk about if my mind isn’t extremely focused on positivity and healing. The truth of the matter is, YES I DO believe that Pedicabbing saved my life in a way, along with many other life changes that I made such as: accupuncture, becoming a vegetarian, quitting drinking alcohol, and most of all PEDICABING. I can explain all that stuff later… but I’ll do that on another day.…




Come to our pedicab happy hour social this Thursday at 8:30 at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern to see if you would be interested in becoming a part of our team at Discover DC TOURS! Tell your friends to come too!


We will be having: 1)free food 2)dc trivia 3)a chance to meet other pedicabbers 4)learn the perks 5) talk to the managers and we can offer you a job!

Are you looking for a fun & flexible job? Do you enjoy working outside and meeting new people?


DO YOU WANT TO MAKE a LOT OF MONEY…. average 40 dollars an hour?
DO YOU KNOW YOUR WAY AROUND THE CITY? IF not, do you like to learn?

Then become a pedicab driver! You’ll meet lots of new people and have fun, all while making money. Driving a rickshaw (also known as a pedicab) is great for those comfortable working with the public and that are capable of effectively communicating with passengers. With DISCOVER DC Pedicab Tours, you set your own schedule and work whatever hours that best fit your schedule.

Most drivers operate pedicabs in shifts of 5-8 hours. –the day shift (12-6) or the night shift (6- whenever you want really). How much you earn will depend on the number of customers you get. More experienced drivers will give you suggestions on where and how to pick up the passengers. Training will be provided for $45. Passenger fares are generally $10 to $25 per person depending on distance traveled. Most rides are usually $20.00 – $50.00.

Good pedicab drivers should have good technical skills, be able to maneuver a pedicab in a busy downtown setting, and should be able to effectively communicate with passengers. We will work with new pedicab drivers until you are completely comfortable working on your own.
This is a great DC job for college students and all others looking to work in a fun environment.

We are now accepting applications for multiple positions this season. We are looking for high-energy and responsible individuals with strong communication …


On the National Mall

1. See the original Spirit of St. Louis airplane that Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris in 1927, and then learn how things fly at the National Air and Space Museum.—one of the most visited museums on the mall—thank you very much.

2. Watch films of flying saucers at the National Archives. (The films were used in Congressional hearings in the 1950s when people we’re convinced that aliens had invaded the country.) go into a dark room where the mmost important documents of Amuuuurika are… yowzaaa

3. Gross out your friends at the Natural History Museum’s Insect Zoo. Note: Tarantula feedings are Tuesday through Friday at 10:30, 11:30, and 1:30; Saturday and Sunday at 11:30, 12:30, and 1:30. ewwwwwwwwwsss

4. Enjoy the National Gallery of Art’s sculpture garden with a fun seasonal experience with JAZZ IN THE GARDEN….woooo. In winter, twirl around the ice-skating rink. In summer, enjoy exploring with some phenomenal gelato from the cafeteria between the building’s two wings.

5. Check out the latest addition to the thriving D.C. museum scene at the Newseum. Opened in 2008, this institution includes many interactive exhibits dedicated to the global history of news.see the dc sniper exhibit.

6. Taste North, South, and Central American cuisine at the National Museum of the American Indian’s Mitsitam Café. its kind of expensive —-actually this shouldn’t be number 6…i take it back.

7. Check out the sometimes offbeat portraits of 20th-century Americans (Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe prints, a Time magazine cover of Madonna) on the third floor of the National Portrait Gallery. super sexy. tres tres shee she whooo whooo

8. Pose next to sculptures by Rodin and Henry Moore in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden and then

venture inside to see one of the world’s great collections of modern art.

9. Learn how to make money — literally — at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, where paper money has been printed since 1914. get a sample of a million dollar bill! ha ha

10. Follow the lives of those who lived and died in Nazi Germany at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. nice and depressing the way we like it.

Around Town

11. See giant pandas, elephants, and lions (and sloth bears and giant salamanders) at the National Zoo.Dep catch the sea lions… they are so scary loud and cray cray….

12. Top everything and anything with chili …


5. Rock Creek Trail— 20 miles I’d say—this one is especially my pic on the weekends because the DC area becomes closed off to cars, and its just you and the road baby! I like to start this one off in Maryland and end in DC. It is more of an uphill slant I’d say… and you pass the Zoo (check out the pandas) and the ZOO LIGHYS in the winter!

4. Custis Trail—4 miles—A nice trail from Shreve Road where the Long John Silvers is in Falls Church by the West Falls Church Metro Station is where I would take it. This is an pretty good nicely paved ride into Rossyln and then over the Key Bridge into Georgetown. You can take this one into the Mount Vernon trail too.

3. Capital Crescent Trail—13 miles—some paved—some crushed stone. Theres a nice stop in Bethesda (Elm Street & Woodmont street) where I like to take a nice brake, read at Barnes and Nobles, get a scrumbdiddleuptous bar from Hagendaz, check out the local festivities going on at the Barking Dog or on the streets. This is a pretty popular and populated not to mention poopulated paved path. By that I mean lots of beautiful potomac people, children skipping, jumping, men and women jogging, roller blading, walking, strutting, dogs walking (and pooping)… Highly recommended for riding and people watching at the same time!

2. C & O Canal Towpath— 184 miles–177 locks! They used to transport torpedoes in these canals! YOWZAAAA! It runs from Georgetown where ‘Jack’s Boat House’ is… allllllll the way to Cumberland! It is naturally, has some billy goats here and there. Something cool to do is to get a group of your friends, and go on a 75 mile bike trail to Harpers Ferry (should take about a day). Go camp out there for a fort night… and then head back to DC. It is awesome. It runs along the Potomac River for quite a bit of it and its as beautiful. It all relatively flat. The ride towards Cumberland has a slight slope upward so going back into the citys easy as pie. Lots of scenic views. I take this path from DC to the Piney Meeting House Road area to head into Gaithersburg about once a week. Try it out!

1. Mount Vernon Trail—18 miles— This was a close call to the Capital Crescent… Although …


This past saturday, we did an event with THE BUZZ FEED. We had ten of our pedicabs advertising and running back and forth from the Presidential Correspondence Dinner to the after party. Here are some pics!


Thats right, we were at the Washington Hilton Hotel (where Reagen was shot), where Obama was having his Presidential Correspondence Dinner…. It was awesome!


These are some of our beautiful fun eye catching Discover DC Pedicabs! OOO LA LA SA SO!!!!And Here on the left we have Miss Washington DC—isnt she pretty! NICE KNOCKERS!!!


I like to make these muscular men that are more than happy to take you around to make fun poses… DO THE EGYPTIAN I SAY!!!!


pedicab outdoors BBQ sure does taste good

pedicab advertising


bike-advertisingPanel Ads
Panel Ads are frequently vinyl panels with adhesive that we apply to the sides and rear of the pedicabs. We also can mount thin, laminated foamcore panels with velcro or rivets. While dimensions may vary, frequently the rear panels are 20″ tall by 30″ wide, and the sides are 10″ tall by 19 inches wide.
ads-on-wheelsWrap Ads
Wrap Ads cover the sides and rear and sometimes the entire cab body with a tightly fitted vinyl wrapping, color-matched to your specific color. This type of ad creates a significant presence on the street, a rolling billboard carrying your brand or logo. In addition, the vinyl wrap is very sturdy and stands up to rain, sun and wear and tear.
rickshaw-advertiseLightbox Ads
Lightbox Ads are carried on the rear of the cabs. While dimensions of the light box may vary, in general they are approximately 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide, powered by a 12 volt dc battery source carried on board the cab. Artwork is sandwiched between two plexiglass panels. Lightbox ads are custom. 


Canopy Ads
Canopy Ads use fabric printing to incorporate your brand message into a very functional part of the pedicab, the canopy. It often serves as a colorful accent on the pedicab body, which is often wrapped in a complementary color scheme.








This Blog was written by the best female pedicabber I ever met—Kendra Davis— I am so honored to have her part of my team!

1. We Lead

Are you a lost tourist? Have no fear. Your neighborhood pedicabber is here. We’ll lead you to the best spots in town, and you’ll have the most fun while getting there. We’ll also never lead you astray, or out of your way.

2. We Protect

Our pedicabs are not only more comfortable than your ex-boyfriend’s Cadaillac DeVille low rider, they’re protection bots, too. When you take that first step into our marvelous machines, we understand that you’re entrusting your life to us, and we take that VERY seriously. We don’t pop wheelies or side swipe cars (while there are passengers on board), but we will get very close to keep your adrenaline pumping.

3. We have thighs of steel—See picture below:

Am I right or am I right?!?!

4. We Look Good in Tights

See above picture, and these ones. Ballerinas ain’t got nuthin on us’.

5. We Save Lives

So this one time, I was about to head in for the night after being on the ‘cab for almost 8 hours, but this guy hollered at me and asked to pull up right next to him. He jumped in and requested a speedy trip to the Howard University Emergency Room up the road, ‘cause he had a clot in his leg that he thought was going to burst or something. True story. I don’t know what  would’ve happened if I hadn’t been there to rescue him that night, so, I basically saved his life. That’s how we do at Discover DC Tours.…



Why dont DC Souvenir shops come up with souvenir shirts that are a little more creative?? Maybe make you use your brain a little more than usual… or are just a little funny? All we ever see is I LOVE DC. I LOVE NY. I LOVE DC. I LOVE DC. I LOVE NY. Well one of these cities is bound to get jealous of the other one… so thats why I came up with these cool shirts.

Personally, I love it when my man friends where the “my boyfriend” with George Washington on it—or even better….—“My BABY DADDY” with Thomas Jefferson on it. Its just so cute!

So if you could date a president, which one would you date? Most women tell me Kennedy—-well he was a heart throb wasn’t he. Thomas Jefferson was quite a versatile dude….Do you get it? Its a funny joke! Read up a little about Thomas Jefferson… and you’ll think its funny too. A lot of times, people ask us where they can buy the shirts. Usually we would gift them to you with a larger purchase and trivia question correctivity… but you can buy the shirts as well. Each shirt is $25.

Correctivity is not a word. Please don’t get confused. We have George Washington shirts, Lincoln Shirts, and Thomas Jefferson. Each one is a little different. They could be your baby daddy, they could be your boyfriend. You can also ask us to customize the shirts to your liking—perhaps your favorite president—-and something clever to say about him. Not everybody has to understand it. Thats whats cool about having a brain and using it.


Steps to get a shirt—- sent to your home address (takes one week)

ONLINE payment— 45.00—gets you two shirts

Name on Reservation

TEXT us 202-656-3593 —name, address you want 2 shirts sent to, color (neon yellow, blue, pink, white, black) 3–size (kids s,m,l, woman s,m,l or MALE small, medium, large, x large)

1) pay paypal 45.00— this gets you 2 shirts—sent to your home address. It says its for a rickshaw reservation—but disregard that. It will take a week to get to you—or if you are in a hurry–you can come pick it up from our dc office.


STEPS TO order a shirt and pay in person, or pick up in dc within 24 hours

(if you don’t want your shirt sent to your house, and …


5. TABAQ Bistro —so URBAN…. and beautiful in rain or shine! tres tres chic. On Sundays, there is this pretty cool rooftop terrace party that I have gone to a couple of times. If you like house, minimal house,  or progressive house–Sunday is your day to party there. The view from the top of the establishment – which, I might add, is enclosed and very inviting – is something to behold. 1336 U street NW DC

4. Perry’s … It is American Cuisine, with a touch of Asian. Great place to bring a date on a good night. THe rooftop is fabulous.1811 Columbia Road NW, DC  – (202) 234-6218

3. Local 16 nice crowd, u street, next to a lot of nice places to go to….food is alright. 1620 U Street NW Washington, DC 20009 Between U St, 16th Street & New Hampshire Ave

2. Donovan House-–My Favorite. Cute Small pool that nobody in their right mind would actually go in…. unless you were a complete drunk fool or a total show off…. 1155 14TH STREET, N.W.WASHINGTON, D.C. 20005

1. -The W Hotel (on Pennsylvania Ave and 15th street NW) Go up here w/kids before 3pm. After that, they ask for ID. The rooftop deck of the W Hotel is in my opinnion the best view in Washington DC of its most spectacular sites. Have Sunday Brunch, evening drinks, or appetizers here. I must warn you, it is pretty SHE SHE WHO WHO (classy, nice, no sloppy homeless wear please), so don’t be to casual after 6pm if you plan on fitting in.

Have you ever wondered why you can see all of DC from the top level of most buildings? Its simple. There are laws against sky scrappers being built in DC after 1910. In 1910, Congress made it illegal to have any building taller than 2 times plus 20 meters the building directly in front of it. Yes, there are some buildings that do not comply with these rules. The Cairo for example (a private residence on 16th st and R st NW) is taller than 12 stories. This is because it was built before 1910. sssssnnnnnnnnnn-eeeeeeeeeeaky!!!

Check out these places for a great view for the Tourist:

Hey tourist, if you don’t get to go up and see inside the Washington Monument (14th and Constitution NW), don’t sweat it. Since the earthquake this past month, …


Tonight, when I was coming back from birthday celebrations, my birthday bird’s eye view perspective stumbled across the word “History” for Yelp. As the “Business Owner” I had to “Claim my Business” and fill out my “HISTORY” for Discover DC TOURS.

History? Well this is not some old lemonade stand company that turned into Mac Donalds in 1892…so I can’t top that. At first, I didn’t think there was much to my “history” but after giving it a little thought, I realized that I think of the pedicab and me in the sense of Holy Matrimony, a marriage, a relationship… no actually, more so a TRUE LOVE STORY:
-how we first set eyes on each other
-how we fell in love
-how I wanted to keep him to stay the night or meet the parents, and the parents to accept him…

Its truely a love story…

This is what I wrote…
Shaady Fakhrai, a free spirited uncaged birdie flew out of the coo coos nest one day after realizing that starting a ‘different’ tour company would make her happier than following a conventional lemmings life style desk job…

In August 2010, when Shaady, ran into an attractive three wheeled bike that most would call a “rick shaw”, she fell in love. Strolling around the fountains of WWII in the romantic DC summer nights had her “smittin”. As the pedicab and her got to be more serious in a short amount of time, Shaady decided it was time to take it to the next level. As she gained the courage to introduce this beautiful, green, eco-friendly master peice to her family in October of 2010, they did not approve. “Shaady Joon, you and the pedicab can have fun for now, but you must not take it seriously. After all, this is just temporary…right?” Basically, they wanted Shaady to casually see/do pedicab tours on weekends, summers, and spring breaks when Shaady has free time from teaching 6th grade in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Rosa and Kambiz Fakhrai were more so worried for Shaady’s future together with pedicabbing as a career. While they were unaccepting at first, after seeing that their dear daughter was keeping healthy & happy while passionately educating tourists, they gave in. Shaady and the pedicab have been inseperable since day one.

Soon after laying her googely eyes on her first pedicab, Shaady bought some of her own pedicabs in …

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