IF ANYBODY in this world is going to start a CASH PEDICAB SHOW, its me baby. That is my trish right there.

In Fact, I went on and I found a list of all the names of businesses I want and I purchased all of them. MWHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

Man, I have so many business Ideas….they’re all like “pick me, NO PICK ME, HEy! I’m the best. No I’m more Lucrative” and I tell them all… listen friends, I need to swim my laps right now… can you please chill out for the time that I’d like to at least meditate? I mean really. Business ideas need to calm down and give me some alone time—because its all I think about. I get really excited like a boy who just hit puberty in the 11th grade—finally! Anyways…. I wish I had someone that would help me organize my thoughts, so my brain would decrescendo and crescendo as needed. I’m gonna go swim my one hundred twenty laps now and try to put this business erection away. I’m hiding it with my laptop currently —-and hope that when I get up, the Washington Hilton Pool Members don’t see it….because that my friends would be EMBARRASSING. www.cashpedicab is coming to a theater near you….  and by that I mean—I bought the site.


anyways….Here, I am a zeebra–and you see the emotions I go through when I think about business ideas….my business erections sometimes take the entire swim to get rid of, and by that time…I’m ready to go. Got my LLC, got my EIN, got my pedicabs in check, now I need to get advertising on site and on my butts. Google is coming, American Airlines, and US AIRWAYS is coming… so I am not sure this business erection is going to go AWAY!!!!! RATS!


  1. Farbod says:

    I have a business school erection. I’ll be submitting my last application next Tuesday and I will then come out of hibernation. Then we can work on the game show. Prep the pedicabs for me…

  2. DestinationDC says:

    If you get into Harvard, Stanford or any of those….Im starting a pedicab business in that city and im gonna llet you work for me. You can be the

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