Washington, DC 9/4/2011 The idea of a pedicab ride never really seemed appealing to me. I barely even knew what pedi-cabbing meant. I remember the first time I even saw a pedicabber in DC a few years ago and wondered when and why such a thing was brought here. I always imagined that aside from the ride being extremely boring, I would find myself distracted the whole time by the overwhelming sense of guilt that I’d feel for the pedi-cabber who I’d assume would be exhausted and in a rush to get the ride over with.

That all changed they day I found myself in a penn quarter bar sitting nervously next to a date of mine. The bar seemed to be a local meeting point for a few pedi-cabbers. There, I had the pleasure of bumping into the unprecedented and remarkable individual that is Shaady. I introduced her to my date and it was almost as if she sensed my case of the butterflies. She suggested that she take us on a pedi-cab ride to kill time before our movie started. I was hesitant at first but willing to do just about anything to make the time go by faster.

This was perfect. Shaady was so personable and outgoing. I immediately felt at ease. She is entertaining and funny and super knowledgable. Both my date and I had a great time. She rode us around penn quarter, telling us about our surroundings, the nature of her job, and answering any questions we had about the sites we were passing. I must admit, even though I’m a DC native, she knows far more than me. Needless to say, it was an awesome experience and she debunked any and all preconceived notions I had about pedicabbing. She absolutely loves and adores what she does and as a passenger I could feel it. I highly recommend this activity for tourists, and even locals like myself.

Amazing ride & an amazing time! ohh and my date who I was so nervous around is my boyfriend now, just sayin… ; )

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