3800 Donaldson Place Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20016
(202) 555-1212Point Reno is the highest point of elevation in DC. You can get there by going to the Tenley Town Metro station. It has this really pretty princess like castle structure in the distance and it looks like you are on the last level of Super Mario Brothers 3 where you have just defeated King Cooper and you’re about to save Princess Peach. Bring a date here, play soccer with your friends, watch a free concert after going on a bike ride, and travel back in time…

By that I mean Fort Reno has been around quite awhile – since the United States Civil War in fact, and today it’s administered by the National Park Service. At 409 feet above sea level (the highest natural point in the capital), views of this part of the city don’t get any better. I have gone to a few concerts here and they were alright.

Back in the 1863, Fort Reno was a battle land, so you would’ve heard Cannons going off and Confederate Soildier chatter. Today if you visit Fort Reno, like I did with Madelin the other day…..you’re more likely to hear fellows like me talk about guitars, singers and the homegrown rock ’n’ roll of the Fort Reno – DC Summer Concert Series. I came here last week and I saw a couple bands play and shortly after setting up my basket of goodies and locking up my bicycle, the concert got rained out. wahhhh….

Once a monument to war, Fort Reno now lives (in the summer months, anyway) to entertain hipsters from BCC (a public school in the area) with an ear for punk-tinged rock. Hundreds of area bands have played Fort Reno since its beginnings, and these days shows usually run twice a week from mid-June until mid-August.
Bands like the aforementioned Fugazi, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Q And Not U, Velocity Girl and the Dismemberment Plan have all played the concert series.—I do not know any of these bands—indie rock is NOT my cup of tea but I still went and had a good time. So, whether you’re a Civil War history buff, an indie rock enthusiast, or someone who likes their parks at a high elevation, Fort Reno, in both its guises, is another reason to make the bustling community of Tenleytown a place you’d visit here and there.

This is a nice picture depicting the super marios princess castle I was talking about:
Fort Reno

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